Chris Gill Landscaping

Chris Gill Landscaping
A family run landscaping business working throughout Devon to help you create your perfect garden, All aspects of Garden Landscaping undertaken, from construction to planting. working with you every step of the way to make those dreams become a reality....

CG Landscaping

Est. 2004

Raised Beds & Planting

Raised beds are the best way to grow most vegetables and herbs. The soil drains faster, is easier to work, and is less weedy. We can provide a varity of shapes and sizes based on your requirement. These can be made from sleepers or various types of timber. A raised bed doesn't have to be for planting its a useful tool of splitting raised areas.
We can provide all types of planting based on your requirement, we can provide a range of small plants to large trees to suit your needs.
We are specially trained tree surgeons and are happy to deal with any maintanence.